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Write for Us!Attention! We at PocketFullOfApps are always looking for skilled writers to help us out! PocketFullOfApps serves over 500,000 people monthly and we are continually growing. We are contacted from big developers, indie developers and everything else in between. If you would like to apply, become apart of one of the fastest growing iOS websites out there and make some money then read on!

  • You don’t need any experience at all!
  • But a strong grasp of iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad gaming and history, along with a strong grasp of all things Apple also is a big bonus to help your application.
  • Writers gain access to the PocketFullOfApps Shared iTunes Account that has hundreds of iOS games from indie developers, small developers, and all the way to EA and Gameloft games!
  • There are 2 types of writers here at PocketFullOfApps:
    • 1. News Reporter
      • News Reporters are required to write 3-5 news articles per week ranging from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is your day off from writing. The articles can be anywhere from short 100 word articles or all the way to huge 600 word articles and can be on anything iOS (or Mac) related news.
    • 2. Reviewer
      • Reviewers are given a promo code for the game they are reviewing. The review is expected to be done within 72 hours of receiving the promo code and to be clear and concise following a particular format.

So, what do you say? If you want to apply and make some money, send an e-mail to admin[@]pocketfullofapps[.]com with the following information!

  • Your Name (required)
  • Your Email (required)
  • If you have any examples of earlier work (preferred; will help your application a lot!)
  • Additional Information (optional)


  • Be paid!
  • Reach out to over 500,000 people every month!
  • Be a part of one of the fastest growing iOS and iPhone websites out there!
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